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Description of functionality


OmniConnect handles integration between different systems and Business Central (BC). The most common integration being taking orders from eCom systems (like Magento, Storm, Jetshop, SiteDirect and wooCommerce) and sending into BC through a SOAP connection.

However, because external calls are not allowed, a simple function for sending a sales order from one company in the BC database to another has been created. It is using the same functionality as the integration code is so is therefore equivalent to use external SOAP call.

In this documentation, steps will be described that sends one sales order from company A to company B. Requirements for this to work is that:

         Customer number exists in company B.

         Item number exists in company B.

         Company settings (like chart of accounts, posting setups, etc) exists in company B.


The steps are:

1.       Open page OmniConnect Sales Order List (picture 1).

2.       Select one order in the list and click the action Send Order to Company (picture 2).

3.       Type or select the name of company B in the input window that appears (picture 3).

4.       Message will appear after clicking Ok saying Document Sent (picture 4).

5.       At this point, a scheduled task is executed that will create the order in the selected company. This takes 1-5 seconds to complete.

6.       Order is now found in company B.

In company B, this transaction is logged in a table called OmniConnect Incoming WS Requests (picture 5). Any potential error will also be showed in this table.




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